Wisdom 1:7-16
[7]For the spirit of the Lord hath filled the whole world: and that, which containeth all things, hath knowledge of the voice.
[8]Therefore he that speaketh unjust things cannot be hid, neither shall the chastising judgment pass him by.
[9]For inquisition shall be made into the thoughts of the ungodly: and the hearing of his words shall come to God, to the chastising of his iniquities.
[10]For the ear of jealousy heareth all things, and the tumult of murmuring shall not be hid.
[11]Keep yourselves therefore from murmuring, which profiteth nothing, and refrain your tongue from detraction, for an obscure speech shall not go for nought: and the mouth that belieth, killeth the soul.
[12]Seek not death in the error of your life, neither procure ye destruction by the works of your hands.
[13]For God made not death, neither hath he pleasure in the destruction of the living.
[14]For he created all things that they might be: and he made the nations of the earth for health: and there is no poison of destruction in them, nor kingdom of hell upon the earth.
[15]For justice is perpetual and immortal.
[16]But the wicked with works and words have called it to them: and esteeming it a friend have fallen away, and have made a covenant with it: because they are worthy to be of the part thereof.

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