I have recently begun to reflect on the complete and overwhelming power of prayer. It only makes sense that praying improves our character, and thereby our souls, whilst separating us from our vices and weaknesses. There are so many awe inspiring prayers handed down to us by our holy Mother Church. I forget which saint it was who said, “when you begin to pray the rosary, one of two things will happen – you will cease sinning, or you will cease praying the rosary.” And some of us do not consider a daily rosary to be a big deal! Preposterous.

If we keep in mind the power of prayer, and always work to be more focused, more deliberate, and most heartfelt during prayer, then we cannot even fathom the change that could take place in our lives; The faith that would grow, the hope that would be strengthened, and the love that would be outdone by God.

Right now is a perfectly good time to begin praying more, and better.

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